I have been fascinated and worked with wood all my life. As a child I learned construction and furniture building from my father. I followed in his footsteps as a young man and it grew from there. Most of my time has been devoted to the building industry one way or the other.
As my Grandchildren starting coming along I branched out into making toys and furniture for them as well as my daughter. All of them have me totally wrapped around their little fingers as you can see. One day my wife saw me drooling over a Lathe and to my surprise she got it for me that Christmas. That was almost 15 years ago and I can never get enough of my turning. My wife loves wood and will often times come up with a design she would like to see.

Hand Turning Wood into Practical and Beautiful Art

Welcome to Blockheadproductions please come in and pull up a tree stump and relax while you check out my turnings. Over the course of time I will also be adding handmade wooden musical xylophones and a few more surprises.
I hope you see something you like and that calls to you. Enjoy you time in my shop, thank you for visiting. Please check back often for new listings.

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